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 Learn the Real Truth about Network Marketing & MLM

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Network Marketing or Multilevel Level Markeing is one of the fasest growing business concepts around the world today. Also known as Pyramid Selling or Direct Selling are carried out by individuals attempting to acheive certain goals that otherwise may be unable or difficult to attain by traditional methods.


“Network Marketing is highly successful and considerably profitable business opportunity that has proven records of success around the world for over several decades.”


Network marketing is known by a variety of names, such as: Multilevel marketing, consumer-direct marketing, home-based business marketing, franchsing, referral marketing, and affiliate marketing to name a few. Network marketing organizations create business models that utlize tiers of salespeople that encourage recruiting their own networks of sales people that inturn create new teirs (or upline) that earn commissions based on their sales and the sales of their recruits (or downline), that contributes to an increase in their commissions. The earnings of the salespeople is based on their recruitment and product sales.

The network marketing business model is based on person - to - person sales by Independent Business Owners (IBOs) that are either working full-time, or part-time (from home). Most network marketing business require building a network of business partners or sales people to assist with lead genertion and generating sales. (#NetworkMarketing #MLM #AffiliateMarketing) Network marketing people are more likely to recruit people that are like minded in order to benefit from the business and for the business to increase.

Direct Selling Companies

Network Marketing

MLM businesses focuses on the distribution & sales, by connecting with like-minded individuals to do sales as Independent Business owners (IBO's).


Marketing Trends

The top selling direct selling companies in the U.S. Amway, Avon and Herbalife each reported at least 4 billion USD in sale in 2019.

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The Direct Selling Market Worldwide is an estimated 180. 5 billion USD in retail sales.

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Global Business

Amway, the largest direct sellling companies in the U.S. offers a braod range of products, nutritional, cosmetic & home goods making up the majority of global sales.

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